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Hydraulic press servicing
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G.M.R. carries out hydraulic press repairs and servicing, for any type of press.

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Press servicing and repair

A leading hydraulic press company, we also offer press servicing and safety inspections.

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Bergamo hydraulic press company

G.M.R. Presse -  Gruppo Macchine e Riparazioni [Machine and Repairs Group] - is in Mornico al Serio, province of Bergamo. The began operations in the 1970s, thus possessing a strong know-how and experience passed forward from father to son. We specialise in the design, manufacture and servicing of all types of hydraulic presses.

Various presses, such as the standard hydraulic press, 2-post hydraulic press, swan neck hydraulic press, 4-post hydraulic press and special presses have a high thrust of 5 to 6,000 ton and are intended for all sorts of uses (moulding, stamping, straightening, bending, slicing, punching, and so on).

G.M.R. Presse also designs and manufactures special systems, custom-built to match customer needs and requirements. Our continued and constant commitment to development and innovation, along with our team's professionalism are a features of G.M.R., one of the most advanced companies in the industry.

Hydraulic press and special systems design: G.M.R. Presse and our team of design professionals study ideas and solutions for any kind of job, of any difficulty, while respecting operator safety, in accordance with EEC regulations. In order to provide a complete service, we design hydraulic presses, special systems and even wall works to place machined yield (masonry, holes, anchoring systems, etc.).

G.M.R.'s design stations are all equipped with 3D SOLIDWORKS modelling software, which interfaces with the most widespread design and mechanical design systems.

Hydraulic presses and special systems: we manufacture and install presses for the machining of specific materials such as metal, automotive, plastics, polymers, polyurethane, SMC. Our machines are manufactured using the best components on the market, and subjected to a process of controls and tests that guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We also manufacture special systems according to the customer's needs (cooling tanks, conveyor belts, moulding dies, sheet metal manipulators, automatic sheet metal loading systems and more), providing an on-demand service that includes all design and implementation phases of the production project.

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